[vc_testimonial author=”Allie T.”]I have been patient here for at least 12 years, if not more. I full heartedly believe that they have their patients’ best interests at heart. I have always received excellent care. The Nurse practitioners that work for my dr are great as well. My doctor is Dr. Freele and he is great![/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial author=”Boni Brannan James”]I love this practice and all it stands for. The McKinney group has helped me put my life back together one day at a time on my terms. Dr Holiner employs a diversified group of MDs and NPs making it easy to find a personality match. I have referred many people and will continue to do so in the future!
[/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial author=”Brenda S.”]I will be forever grateful for them. My initial appointment was awesome (unfortunately wasn’t with my now regular team and I can’t remember the PA’s name — she was awesome, though) and very supportive and understanding of my predicament.[/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial author=”Nancy M.”]I have been seeing Amber Hanks for almost 2 years, and I have had nothing but improvements to my mental wellbeing. She listens to my concerns, gives me options for medications, and is always willing to see me ASAP if something isn’t going right with my medications. I feel that Amber Hanks does care, and listens to what I’m saying in order to make the best decisions for me. The Holiner group is professional and efficient every single time I make an appointment. [/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial author=”Margaret J.”]I have been a client of the Holiner group for almost a year now. They are professional and flexable in scheduling. They have been really good for me and I am so glad they were recommended to me. (It is important to remember that a Psychiatrist is not a Psychologist though, they provide very different services.)[/vc_testimonial][vc_testimonial author=”Ginger M.”]We knew from the beginning that this group did not do counseling but would determine if medication would help and IT DID!!! The office staff is always helpful and nice. They all seem to like their jobs and are friendly. We mostly saw the PA, Heather Walsh after the initial consult with Dr Sharma but she was always attentive and knowledgeable as well. We have been very happy and satisfied with the care we received from The Holiner Group. Would recommend for medication management![/vc_testimonial]
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