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3 psychological effects of horror movies on children – what parents need to know

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Since the first horror film premiered in the late 1890s, parents of young children face a tough challenge: Should I let my child watch scary movies? The effect of horror films on children has been more closely studied in recent years, warning parents to proceed...Read More

My Child Has No Friends at School: Top 3 Tips for Parents

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Realizing that your child is having difficulty making friends is an upsetting experience for any caring parent. Don’t despair, however: your role as a parent can greatly influence your child’s ability to make and maintain friendships. Here are top three tips for parents searching for...Read More
Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction

3 Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction in Teens, Psychiatrist Advice

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In July 2018, World Health Organization officials listed video game addiction or extreme gaming as a mental health condition. Classified as a “gaming disorder,” it’s now more critical than ever for parents to understand the warning signs of video game addiction in their children and...Read More
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5 Simple Men’s Health Tips for a Better Life

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Did you know the average lifespan for a woman in the U.S. is more than six years longer than a man’s? While partly due to biological factors, the longevity of a man’s life has the potential for extension with a few lifestyle changes. In celebration...Read More

What to Expect at a Psychiatry Appointment

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Psychiatry is a vital part of mental health treatment. In the United States, one in six people takes psychiatric medications. These medicines help people to live balanced, healthier lives. Even with the prevalence of treatment options and prominence of...Read More
Stress Management Swirls

The Importance of Stress Management

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Awareness is the key to challenging stigma about mental illness. Approximately 18.5 percent of Americans face some form of mental illness, within a given year. Yet mental health is still not seen as an important part of health and wellbeing. Nothing is further from the...Read More

Eating Disorders and Social Media

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Social media is the go-to connection point for many people. Initially seen as something trivial, it is an instrumental tool in life, business, politics, entertainment and more. What began as a novelty is now the place many people: reconnect with former acquaintances keep up with...Read More

The Differences: Psychology vs. Psychiatry

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It’s the new year; a time when many people choose to implement serious changes in their lives. In the U.S. new year’s resolutions about physical health and financial stability overshadow other decisions by a wide margin. Mental health should also be included in these decisions....Read More

Holiday Mental Health Myths and Tips for Happy Holidays

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The holiday season is in full swing, with various celebrations happening in the next two weeks and it’s according to the holiday-themed messages we receive constantly, this is the most wonderful time of the year. While your schedule may be full, running here and there...Read More

5 Tips for Tackling Seasonal Affective Disorder

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It’s November and we’re entering the last bit of fall; the leaves have turned and the scents of mint and chocolate have joined mulled spices to welcome winter and the holidays. And although this time of year tends to be thought of by many people...Read More