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Holiner Psychiatric Group Statement on the Coronavirus

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Holiner COVID-19 Statement The health and safety of our clients and staff is our utmost priority. With the rapid spread of the novel virus COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, Holiner Psychiatric Group is taking extra steps to keep our patients and staff safe. We...Read More

50 Top Tips for Positive Mental Health and Better Mood

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Top Tips for Positive Mental Health Feeling down today and need a “pick-me-up”? We all experience bad days, and sometimes a small word of encouragement, or a simple decision to look at the brighter side, can greatly improve your mood. Here we’ve gathered 50 quick...Read More

ADHD Therapy For Adults: Best Treatment & Counseling

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What is the best treatment for ADHD in adults? People with ADHD will have experienced this first hand: unfortunately, there is no single greatest treatment option ADHD in adulthood. To combat the symptoms of ADHD, the best strategy is to take advantage of multiple treatment...Read More
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How to Find the Best Psychiatrist For You

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If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re struggling with your mental health, and looking to find a good psychiatrist for care. Considering seeking help is a great first step toward peace, happiness, and recovery, and the fact that you’re doing your research is even...Read More

Difference Between Stress and Anxiety: When to Get Help

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“Just stop worrying.” “You’re stressing out over nothing!” “You don’t have anxiety; you’re just stressed.” Sound familiar? If you’re suffering from stress or anxiety, someone has probably said one of these phrases to you. While your friends and family often mean well when they say...Read More
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Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep on the Brain

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Everyone appreciates the well-rested feeling of a good night’s sleep, but do you know the other surprising benefits of sleep on the brain? Sleep plays a critical role in your physical health, mental health and overall daily brain function. Mental benefits of a good night’s...Read More
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2019 New Year Resolutions for Mental Health

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Determined to eat better, get more sleep, or quit smoking? While this is the time of year many people resolve to improve their physical health, prioritizing your mental health is just as valuable to your overall success. Deciding to improve your mental well being in...Read More

My Child Has No Friends at School: Top 3 Tips for Parents

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Realizing that your child is having difficulty making friends is an upsetting experience for any caring parent. Don’t despair, however: your role as a parent can greatly influence your child’s ability to make and maintain friendships. Here are top three tips for parents searching for...Read More
Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction

3 Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction in Teens, Psychiatrist Advice

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In July 2018, World Health Organization officials listed video game addiction or extreme gaming as a mental health condition. Classified as a “gaming disorder,” it’s now more critical than ever for parents to understand the warning signs of video game addiction in their children and...Read More
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5 Simple Men’s Health Tips for a Better Life

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Did you know the average lifespan for a woman in the U.S. is more than six years longer than a man’s? While partly due to biological factors, the longevity of a man’s life has the potential for extension with a few lifestyle changes. In celebration...Read More