Psychiatric Evaluations: Emergent and Crisis

What is an emergent evaluation?

A psychiatric emergent evaluation occurs when a patient has realized that they may have a disorder that needs psychiatric attention. The disorder has appeared suddenly, without any prior history of symptoms, and the patient may need to undergo a series of evaluations and tests to determine the type of disorder as well as find a treatment that works for them. Patients undergoing an emergent evaluation volunteer and willing participate in therapy and testing.

Emergent evaluations can be applied to more than just disorders. Patients who are struggling with drug or substance abuse can seek emergent evaluations as well. This type of testing may require that the patient admit themselves for inpatient or partial hospitalization in order to properly seek treatment and heal.

What is a crisis evaluation?

A patient in need of an emergency, sometimes called a crisis evaluation, may be battling suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behaviors, or psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia or erratic behavior. Often times these symptoms come on suddenly, causing the patient to appear to undergo extreme personality changes and can be prone to violence against themselves and others.

Crisis evaluations are often needed to treat a psychotic break induced by untreated mental disorders or a heavy reliance on drugs and other illegal substances. Sadly, these types of evaluations may mean that the patient is involuntarily admitted to a hospital or psychiatric facility in order to be given the correct treatment and therapy. Often times, the loved-ones and relatives are the ones who have to admit patients involuntarily into hospitals, an act that can be painful, but very much needed in order for the patient to receive the professional help they require.

Medical Treatment and Therapy

The Holiner Psychiatric Group has specialized psychiatrists  and psychologists in all types of mental disorders and diseases. If you or a loved one is in need of an emergent or crisis evaluation, please contact us today, or fill out the form on this page. Everyone should live a happy and healthy life and The Holiner Psychiatric Group can help you get there.

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