Organizations Helping Veterans with PTSD

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Each year on June 27, the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes this day as PTSD Awareness Day. Veterans are one of the largest groups of people in our country who face the challenges of this disorder every day. It’s our goal to help civilians and veterans alike become more aware of PTSD and the resources available to them and their families as they live with the disorder.

VA Office of Mental Health Resources

The Veteran’s Administration itself offers a variety of information on mental health issues veterans commonly face when returning from combat including depression, substance abuse, and PTSD. The VA works to improve Veteran’s health and well-being through advocacy in health care, social services, education and research. For more information, please visit or

National Resource Directory

The eBenefits National Resource Directory pulls together resources from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to serve Veterans, Service members, Veterans wounded in combat, families of Veterans, and caregivers. After signing up for an account on the site, users are granted access to the National Resource Directory and are able to access applications for compensation, benefits, and search through resources based on needs.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

The ISTSS is a multinational professional organization dedicated to the research and discovery of PTSD symptoms and new methods of care for those living with the disorder. In order to achieve this, the organization actively studies the scope and effects of traumatic exposure on the human body, how traumatic events are prevented, and ways to encourage and promote collaboration between service providers in the industry. The ISTSS provides services to the public such assistance finding clinic’s, ePamphlets on PTSD, and survivor testimonies.

Real Warriors Campaign

The Real Warriors Campaign, sponsored by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, works to educate the public about veteran’s health through multimedia campaigns including print materials, media outreach, and social media. Launched in 2009, the campaign has played a key role in the Department of Defense’s efforts to encourage veterans and their families to seek care and support for conditions such as PTSD after returning from combat. In addition to these multimedia resources, Real Warriors also operates a 24/7 call center to provide confidential help to veterans through answers, tools, tips, and resources about their health. To reach the outreach center, call 866-966-102, use their live chat, or email

Department of Defense Warrior Care

Launched by the Department of Defense, Warrior Care Policy proactively aids wounded, ill and injured Service members in recovery and transition back to civilian life. The vision of Warrior Care is to ensure that Service members, their families and caregivers are thought of and have support during difficult times. Warrior Care offers programs for PTSD patients including a Disability Evaluation System, a Recovery Coordination Program, Military Caregiver Support, and an Education and Employment Initiative.

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