50 Top Tips for Positive Mental Health and Better Mood

Top Tips for Positive Mental Health

Feeling down today and need a “pick-me-up”? We all experience bad days, and sometimes a small word of encouragement, or a simple decision to look at the brighter side, can greatly improve your mood. Here we’ve gathered 50 quick actions you can take today for positively improving your mental health. If your mental health feels like an ongoing struggle, however, we highly recommend seeking professional support.

  1. Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  2. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Listen to an upbeat playlist that you love.
  4. Take a walk outside, and smile at any strangers you cross.
  5. Get some good sleep.
  6. Open your windows and let more light shine into the room.
  7. Play with your pet or take your dog for a walk.
  8. Get artistic; drawing, painting and other crafts can relax the mind and harness untapped creativity.
  9. Get up and get moving! Regular exercise improves mood.
  10. Treat yourself to your favorite sweet treat.
  11. Redecorate a room in your home.
  12. Hug a friend! Human touch releases endorphins.
  13. Look into a mirror and smile.
  14. Go for a drive and sing your favorite songs.
  15. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  16. Be careful not to overschedule – plan some time for self-care.
  17. Speak words of self-love over yourself.
  18. Make sure your mood isn’t something more serious; visit a doctor if you’re unsure.
  19. Eat a healthier diet.
  20. Spend more time with supportive friends and family.
  21. Plan a lunch date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  22. Drink a glass of your favorite coffee or tea.
  23. Compliment the next person you see.
  24. Spend less time with people that make you upset.
  25. Complete a small task around the house you’ve been avoiding.
  26. Practice mindfulness to limit excessive worrying.
  27. Start volunteering, which has been proven to boost happiness.
  28. Don’t be so harsh on yourself; free yourself from judgement for today.
  29. Actively work toward getting longer, more quality sleep.
  30. Step away from your cell phone.
  31. Splurge on new experiences, not material goods.
  32. Research a time period of history online you’ve always been curious about.
  33. Start reading a new fiction novel.
  34. Look at old family photos and enjoy the good memories.
  35. Begin a gratitude journal, writing down every day what you are grateful for.
  36. Set aside time each week to focus on a hobby you’ve been missing out on.
  37. Try out a new kind of exercise class.
  38. Explore your spirituality and see what that might have to offer you.
  39. Take a shower, and sing your heart out.
  40. Watch a funny movie and get a good laugh.
  41. Declutter a messy part of your house.
  42. Reflect on three recent positive things happening in your life.
  43. Allow yourself to “vent” to a close friend if you’re struggling.
  44. Drink a glass of water.
  45. Find a new skill that you’d like to have, and start taking classes.
  46. Start dancing! Dancing can have the same positive effects as exercise.
  47. Get off social media, at least for a short break.
  48. If you’re going to stay on social media: watch cute animal videos or other funny, positive content.
  49. Challenge your negative thoughts and write them off as unhelpful.
  50. Don’t be afraid to speak to someone about how you’re feeling.

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