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Our psychologists at The Holiner Psychiatric Group are passionate about their practice, and have devoted themselves to counseling people so they can better understand their thoughts, emotions, and feelings and assisting patients with ways to modify their behavior. Meeting with a mental health therapist should never be embarrassing or any different than going to a doctor for a physical illness. If you need someone to talk with, you shouldn’t delay treatment from a psychologist who can help you. After all, a diagnosis does not define who you are, but it can help you understand more about yourself.

Holiner Group psychologists are trained to do adolescent, adult, couples, and group therapy. They can help treat self-esteem issues, depression, grief, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and other psychological issues. Treatment can include interpersonal & relational psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our psychologists can help you, but you have to decide to take the first step. To help make your search for a psychologist easier, please review each Holiner psychologist’s biography for more information.