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Holiner Group’s Dallas psychiatrists are medical doctors trained in the treatment of the psyche. Our psychiatrists earned their M.D.s in medical school and have completed four years of training in a mental health unit of a hospital’s psychiatric department. Our psychiatrists are legally able to prescribe drugs to treat mental illness, which in conjunction with an M.D. is what separates a psychiatrist from a psychologist.

Therapists often refer their patients to a psychiatrist when it is evident they will benefit from a prescribed medication. However, not all psychiatry patients exhibit signs of severe mental illness and may not require medication.

Holiner Group psychiatrists treat a broad range of psychological disorders, including: bipolar and depression, anxiety disorders like PTSD and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis like schizophrenia. Some of our doctors also specialize in chemical dependence & addiction psychiatry, child & adolescent psychiatry, women’s issues, geriatric psychiatry, adult ADD, and autistic disorders.

Our doctors’ biographies are available here so you can review their specialties and make your search for a psychiatrist easier.